The Changes That Took Place During The COVID Pandemic

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The Changes That Took Place During The COVID Pandemic

We were working with individuals and businesses when it came to sorting out their accounting needs. There were many changes that we had to get through, especially with relaxations and changes in the rules because of the virus. However, we noticed that many people were starting their businesses and working on their hobbies which seemed like we had to change the work we were doing. We were working on understanding how we would be able to assist all these people when it comes to getting through processes and understanding their industry.

One of the most significant changes we had to get through was that our in-person, face-to-face services were impacted during Covid. We are fans of meeting people in the flesh and work on keeping up with them and staying updated on the changes that are taking place. We had to adapt to the changes and follow all the new rules that were coming about. We could not predict all the changes that were taking place, but we had to make sure that we were getting through them and meeting a very basic requirement. There were points where it was difficult, but we seemed to be overcoming them slowly. 

We were not doing as well as we were pre-pandemic, but eventually, things started picking up, which was a good thing, and we were also adapting well to the changes that we were not big fans of in the beginning. We provided online services at affordable and accessible costs for our clients to keep up with the changes. We preferred working with our clients the way we did in the past. That meant that we would meet them, which put us in a better position when it came to talking to them or explaining a concept. It was a bit challenging when we had to handle it remotely, but eventually, we started getting better at it.

We worked remotely for most of the pandemic, but we finally began getting everyone to move to an office. We started the move last June 2021. Many challenges came about with working remotely. We could not always connect to our audience, who were not always young people. There were times we had to train them on using the technology or the software to get the job done. Some people don't have or don't know how to use the technology for virtual services. In office space, more people are worried about getting sick with covid, which meant we experienced a reduced workflow. We were still trying to accommodate our customers' needs and providing above and beyond services. We even ensured that our clients didn't get behind in paying their taxes or tracking their financial institutions. We had to ensure the office was safe, and we could conduct meetings there, and everyone was safe. We get our staff tested every week. The office space is clean and disinfected after each client and by the end of the day. Even though the mask used is optional in the state of FL, the staff ensures to keep our clients safe by wearing it. We even make sure that we are spacing everyone out and that everyone is safe and maintaining the amount of distance from one another as they should.

While there were many changes taking place, we had to make sure that we were holding some parts of the process constant. Clients were having a tough time working with everyone changing their timings, so we made sure that we maintained the timings across the board. There were points when we were working a little more because it becomes difficult to clock out when you are working remotely. However, we looked at it as making up for the slump during the lockdowns.

We considered making changes to the servers and other software that we used. However, we noticed that we were not using a lot of software and would meet people face to face. However, we moved to a virtual coordinator to pass information around and details confidentially, and without meeting people. We jumped from face-to-face meetings with clients and using paper to more virtual services and started using a secure portal since covid started. Canopy served us well and was one of the easier software we adjusted to.

Another change we did not make was in-person meetings. However, we made it a point to book an appointment first. Some clients were not happy about the change, and we would work with them remotely. We used zoom, any desk, facetime, and WhatsApp depending on their preference, which made the process significantly easier.

Now that things are getting better, I want to thank our clients for their support through this difficult period. Thank you for the trust in continuing to use our services and accommodate virtual services. We experienced a high volume of challenges but successful cases during that period.

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