Making A Difference In Accounting With DAQA Accounting Inc.

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Making A Difference In Accounting With DAQA Accounting Inc.

DAQA Accounting Inc. is an accountant and tax preparer in Hialeah, Miami. DAQA stands for Dependable, Accurate, Quick, and Affordable. We established our company with these four mottos as the founding principles for our clients. We focus on servicing routine accounting needs for startups and young companies so that you can focus on your business while we take care of the backroom accounting functions.

In the past few months, we have been blessed with a lot of success and positive changes. We reduced department paperwork by 33% by implementing a new digital memo and report distribution system. To remain relevant with the changing times, we never stop learning. Startups can benefit from our business analysis and innovation strategies.

Recently we invested in better software to increase productivity. Whenever possible, our firm seeks out the most current information to serve our clients in the most efficient, simplest, and most affordable way possible. And as a result of our constant effort to improve, our clients reward us with wonderful Facebook reviews.

Here are what some of them have to say:

- We have worked our tax returns with Jenny Couso over the last four years. We feel good working with her because of her professionalism, dedication, and cordiality.

- I highly recommend this firm. They are very professional and knowledgeable. This is my permanent accounting source for all my future business ventures.

- They are very professional and provide excellent service via zoom so they are available anywhere in the United States. Feel free to call for your appointment. I am a client from Indiana and they handle the accounting and finances for my entire family, both personal and business accounts. Very grateful for all the services that they also offer in immigration.

- She is flexible, knowledgeable, prompt, and patient. Exactly what you need in a tax accountant. Thanks, Mrs. Couso.

The reason we get such great reviews is that we are dependable, accurate, quick, and affordable. We are transparent; we educate our customers, are present, provide quick response, professionalism, care, meet deadlines, and are incredibly responsible. We want our clients to grow, and we grow with them. Our clients become our accounting family members as “DAQA is an accounting family.”

Moreover, our virtual services and online transactions are now available. Our online and virtual services are very convenient for most of our clients, especially if they are in another state. Also, we include some of the consulting fees for free only for the first year for new startup businesses. In this way, our clients will have a better understanding of how to manage their startup business. This will enable them to avoid mistakes as those mistakes can lead to a high percentage of taxation on their income tax. It is very important for them to have guidance in the first year of incorporation.

Along with helping our clients with all their accounting needs, we strongly believe in social causes such as women’s business disadvantage, immigration, and COVID-19. We continue to work towards these causes by doing our part to assist them in whatever way we can. We help single-women clients establish their businesses with our free consulting services for startups. We help them to start their new business with no fear. And with our ITIN services, we help those immigrants to pay their taxes. By providing virtual services, we help most clients stay safe and avoid contracting COVID.

If you are looking for an accountant and tax preparer in Miami, FL, reach out to us at DAQA Accounting Inc. DAQA stands for Dependable, Accurate, Quick, and Affordable. We established our company with these four mottos as the founding principles for our clients. We offer accounting as well as immigration services to clients across Florida, Delaware, and the surrounding areas. We also serve remotely throughout the USA. (Except for New York and California)

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